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Simplify Your Diverse IT Environment

Lomnido enables your organization to simplify and automate your business processes by allowing seamless communication between your internal applications and systems as well as your partners and suppliers.

Say goodbye to time-consuming point-to-point integration efforts and connect all your stakeholders easily without the need to make changes to existing applications or data structures. Manage all your integration interfaces with one single integration solution and exchange data within and across your company boundaries to ensure end-to-end processes and complete visibility.


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Connect Anything

Exchange and manage business critical information that is distributed across a variety of internal and external sources.

Lomnido enables you to synchronize, aggregate, distribute, replicate and validate data within your organization and with external partners.

Unique Approach

With a standard integration procedure and pre-built connectors Lomnido connects new applications, systems, devices, and partners easily.

The data exchange is done via a middleware platform to ensure high reusability and scalability.

Your Value

  • Flexibility and scalability to handle easy and complex scenarios
  • All-in-one solution with simple out-of-the-box integration
  • Rapid deployment reduces project lead time and integration costs

Connect Anything with Lomnido

Lomnido’s simple out-of-the-box integration is designed to make businesses run better and smarter. All companies benefit from operational efficiencies and business agility – independent of industries, use cases or company size. From small to large businesses and no matter how simple our complex your use case might be, Lomnido helps you streamline integration, reduce complexity and improve business performance in your specific environment.

Lomnido Siam Broker

Integrate and manage your customer and partner network to securely, reliably and automatically exchange support data and improve collaboration in service delivery.

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Lomnido Spider

Connect your entire system landscape, including ERP, CRM, cloud-based applications, customer-specific applications and legacy systems, with one single solution.

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What Our Clients Say

We chose Lomnido, because the solution fulfills our diverse requirements in the areas of Facility Management Automation, DB Synchronization, System-Consolidation, and it is very cost-efficient.- Service Provider – Facility Management for an Austrian Bank
With the help of Lomnido we have created a standard interface and can connect distributors quickly and easily now. Through comprehensive process automation, we were able to significantly accelerate the ordering process.- German Mobile Network Operator
Lomnido is a universal solution for our different integration requirements, from the integration of master data, material movement data to order management and service integration.- Field Service Provider
Lomnido is our central data integration hub for the automation of IT service management processes with our customers and partners according to SIAM.- Communications Software and Services Company
We are glad that we have found a secure, fast, and stable integration solution with Lomnido. Through process automation we were able to reduce the Mean Time to Repair by 25% and thus increase customer satisfaction.- Service Provider

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Lomnido solutions are simple enough for small businesses and strong enough for the enterprise.
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