Apr 16

Use Case Trigger Pull Connector via Webservice

Lomnido has of course Pull Connectors to pull data from different kind of sources. HTTP, SQL, files via (S)FTP, Windows File Share, ….

Let us assume that we want to pull person records from a SQL database belonging to a certain organization and send them as CSV via email.

The pull request should be triggered from an external client that provides also the organization ID of the desired users from the SQL database.

In Lomnido you create a Workflow with an Inbound SQL Pull Connector and an Outbound Email Push Connector.

Webservice Trigger Settings

We activate the Webservice Trigger in the Pull Connector so that the pull request can be triggered by a web service request.

Pull SQL Query

The configured SQL query is like:

SELECT * from persons where organization_id = ${msg.triggerMsg.ORGANIZATION_ID}

Now, the external client can access the trigger webservice with a parameter like this:

GET https://lomnidourl/lomnido/webservice/production/PullPersons?ORGANIZATION_ID=4711

When Lomnido retrieves such a webservice call, the Pull Connector starts pulling from the SQL database with the given ORGANIZATION_ID.

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