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Staging Dev, Test and Production within Lomnido

Easy staging processes are a major step in successful IT projects. Staging between Dev, Test and Production environments is done regularly. Lomnido has a very easy mechanism of doing this.

Three Staging Environments

A Lomnido appliance (whether Spider or SIAM Broker) has three staging environments:

  • Dev
  • Test
  • Production

Release and Deployment

Each Workflow is configured in the “Configuration” section. When you have finished the configuration, you create a Release. A Release is a saved status of a configuration. A Release can be deployed into one of the environments Dev, Test or Production. A deployed Release is a running Workflow.

  1. Configure
  2. Create Release
  3. Deploy to Environment

Of course it is possible to step back to an older Release. All Releases are saved in a history.

In this screenshot you see the Configuration section above and then the three environments Production, Test and Dev from top to bottom.

List of Releases

In this screenshot you see the List of Releases and you see which Release is currently deployed in what environment.

Stageable Settings

Of course Dev-, Test and Production Environments have different settings. Normally you have different settings in the connection parameters like URL, username, password, …..

Therefore Lomnido has the concept of “Staging Scripts” in Connectors. At configuration time you define all used environment settings like connector URL, username, password. When the Workflow is deployed, the settings from the environment Dev, Test or Production are taken.

So, when you deploy a tested configuration from Test in to Production, you don’t have to think about changing URL or other parameters.


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