Jan 23

SIAM Tooling – The Place of Lomnido SIAM Broker

The tooling sector for service integrators provides them plenty of tools for helpdesk systems, asset, CMDB or contract management.

But there is one blindspot!

Building interconnections between multiple consumer- and provider tools.
But there is now the missing link! The Lomnido SIAM Broker.

Building interconnections between service ticketing tools is a complex thing and it is much more than only talking HTTP and mapping fields. It’s about connecting different – and at some steps maybe incompatible workflows.

Therfore Lomnido built the SIAM Broker, that is a normalization layer specialised for SIAM and ITIL processes.
The Lomnido SIAM Broker connects all service tools and acts as a ticket router.
You do not need to know the processes of all your partners in detail. You can focus on the workflow in YOUR tool.

Connect to your tool only once to the Lomnido SIAM Broker and exchange tickets with all tools also connected to the Lomnido SIAM Broker.


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