Siam Broker

Product / SIAM Broker

Lomnido has developed the Lomnido SIAM Broker, an easy-to-use and efficient platform for integrating the ITSM processes of all partners involved, regardless of the ITSM solutions used.

As a result, support information is exchanged reliably, securely and automatically and cooperation within the framework of service provision is optimized.

Using Lomnido SIAM Broker as an integration platform is significantly more cost-effective than individual data connections.

Benefit from Lomnido’s ready-to-use connectors and transaction patterns and integrate with your partners within days – with practically no configuration changes to your ITSM solution.


  • Accelerate service processes by automating system connections
  • Optimized collaboration in service delivery and improved service quality
  • High flexibility and scalability through fast on- / offboarding of service providers / customers
  • Increased transparency through permanent status overview
  • Existing applications and systems remain practically unchanged



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