The Challenge to Manage Service Delivery End-to-End

Outsourcing is significantly increasing in the IT service and support business. Companies rely on a growing number of business partners in order to deliver services to their customers or fulfill other mission-critical functions. All these partners use their own systems, causing disrupted processes and preventing efficient execution of transactions. A high manual effort for coordination and copy and paste between different systems is required, which slows down issue resolution. Building one-to-one connections still causes fragmented processes, is not scalable, and very cost- and resource-intensive.

Manage Service Delivery End-to-End
Service Integration - Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Connectivity at Your Fingertips

By using Lomnido companies are able to integrate their service partners in order to securely, reliably and automatically exchange support data and improve collaboration in service delivery. Say good bye to time-consuming custom coding and manual interventions that slow down the pace of business. Through a simple, drag and drop user interface you can setup seamless and reliable connections quickly and easily while leveraging existing systems. Companies benefit from using Lomnido as an integration hub instantly, it is more cost-efficient than individual one-to-one connections with the first connection already.

Accelerate Service Delivery

With Lomnido you are able to coordinate multiple sources of information via onboarding and managing your diverse community of partners efficiently. Complete visibility into cross-enterprise business processes helps to speed up service delivery. The automation of service processes and interactions eliminate errors and allow you to manage services cases across environments to improve quality of support.

Service Integration - Accelerate Service Delivery


Manage your customer and partner network and improve collaboration

Streamline processes, improve data quality and operate more effectively

Exchange critical data across your company boundaries with your business partners efficiently and securely

Automate customer data integration processes end-to-end, eliminating the need for manual intervention

Improve agility and economy of scale as your network grows by using a standardized integration method that speeds up deployment

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