May 04

Receiving Emails

There’s life in the old dog – email is still a topic – also in today’s IT data integration projects. Therefore, the Lomnido SIAM Broker and the Lomnido Spider also support the reading of incoming emails.

Lomnido supports two kind of receiving emails:

  • Pull emails from any external POP3 or IMAP mailbox – also with SSL encryption. Either Lomnido deletes the emails after fetching or only marks the as read.
  • Receive emails directly on the Lomnido Appliance – the appliance has full mail server capabilities to receive emails for specific domains.

No matter what kind of mailbox a workflow is connected to, once an email has entered the Lomnido Workflow, you can decide how to parse the email.

An email consists of the following parts:

  • Headers – contains a lot of meta information – normally not used.
  • From – the sender of the email
  • To – one to many receivers
  • Cc – zero to many receivers in Cc
  • Subject – the subject of the mail
  • Plain Text –  a plain text part – can be empty
  • HTML Text – an HTML text – can be empty
  • zero to many attachments

The default use case in a Lomnido Workflow is to parse automated emails from external tools – not from persons. ITSM tools, monitoring tools, ….

The Email Connector can be configured as follows:

Take Plain Part

Only the plain text is taken for processing in the Workflow.

There are ITSM tools that send ticket updates as XML in the plain part of an email. With Lomnido it is very easy to extract this part from the email.

Take HTML Part

Only the html text is used to be handled in the Workflow.

Only on attachment

Define a file pattern such as “ticket*.xml” to take the first attachment that matches to this file pattern.

Example: an ITSM system sends you ticket updates in an attachment called “ticket_TIMESTAMP.xml”.

Full Message (Advanced Mode)

In this mode, the complete email with the plain and the html part and all attachments are available in the workflow’s json payload. You have full control how to parse the email.

This advanced mode gives you further options to ignore attachments or only take attachments that match a certain filename pattern.


Email Encryption

Lomnido supports S/Mime encrypted emails.

More Details

See our Excel To HTTP example to see an Email Connector in action.