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Referral Partner

As a Referral Partner, you identify prospective customer engagements. Once you generate a qualified lead, we will take over the sales process providing detailed information about our solution, answering questions, and converting your leads into Lomnido customers. You will earn a commission for every new customer you refer.

Alliance Partner

As a Lomnido Alliance Partner you are able to deliver higher value to your customers offering quick and smart integration of their support and business processes. You define the scope of the partnership depending on your business objectives. You can resell Lomnido solutions, add more value by providing implementation services to customize the Lomnido technology, or additionally take over operations.

Our Partners

We work closely with our partners to ensure more efficient outcomes for our customers.

Aseko is a specialist in managing IT and telecommunications processes and automates internal and external interfaces with Lomnido.

GentlemenGroup is an expert in integrating, interconnecting ITSM-ecosystems and leverages Lomnido to automate processes between and beyond ITSM tools.

Optm  (formerly SYSback) Optm is a multinational technology company whose mission is to provide innovative software solutions and services to optimize people, technology and management in daily business operations. We make workflow™

SMAWORX is the smart way to operate Service Management Automation GDPR compliant. Lomnido is an integral part of their toolbox and is used to connect external (ITSM-)tools to the smaworx framework.

Blueponte is an expert in SIAM and ITSM consulting and coach of automating the service management value chain across companies with Lomnido.

Kompaneers are specialized in implementing ITSM, asset management and inventory solutions and use Lomnido to easily integrate the processes between and beyond them.

Sanssouci-ITSM strength lies in the practicable design of IT processes without losing sight of the actual customer benefit. We solve every IT service management challenge for you. 

Softpoint  – the service management expertise of the iTSM Group in Austria – offers its customers complete end-to-end support and also helps them to migrate from pure IT service management to comprehensive enterprise service management.

Partner Voices


“Lomnido is our foundation for the intelligent integration and automation of business processes within and across the boundaries of your company. In this way we ensure that your systems, applications, data and SMAWORX are seamlessly connected to one another..”


“The seamless integration of your business processes across system boundaries is THE critical factor for your success. Lomnido SIAM Broker allows integrations without adapting your systems in calculable projects.”


“Our partners are amongst our most valuable assets. Besides our strong product we primarily rely on our partner-network for sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.”

Roland Csombai

Partner Manager

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