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The seamless integration of processes between customers and their providers is the centerpiece and critical success factor of every SIAM or sourcing project in IT. With 4me you can seamlessly integrate with your providers and/or customers that also use 4me. There are however also situations in which you have to deal with many different tools and the complexity quickly becomes a challenge and can massively delay projects. Roland Csombai; “With the ‘SIAM Broker’, Lomnido has launched a solution that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the Service Integrator that has multiple different tools in their environment: process integration across tool and technology boundaries, full transparency and on / off boarding at an unbeatable pace. Jun 9, 2020 18:00 in Vienna time zone Click here to register for free
Integration Made Simple

Is Your Tool Integration Ready? The nature of ITSM Tool Integration

The purpose of the SIAM Broker is to connect processes of different IT Service Management tools between consumer of services and provider organizations. To make this possible each tool and process must be integrated to the SIAM Broker. Is your tool fit for integration? Lomnido integrated a lot of ITSM workflows in multi-provider environments in the last years. Here are some experiences we made. The considerations what will be the effort to achieve the integration depend on the following facts. API If your tool has a well-known and documented API you will have the smallest amount of work to do because the technical functions procedures to create, send and update cases is already defined and you can go in detail about the functional requirements. In practical life this is the most uncommon situation we focus in integration tasks. Programmable API If your tool has the possibility to create a functional API you will have to do more work in your tool and provide the technical functions to create, send and update cases before you can start to think about the behavior for your processes. In practical life this is the common situation we focus in integration tasks. No API In practical life this is also common situation we focus in [...]

Lomnido QA Process and Update Options

The Lomnido software delivery process follows an "Rolling Release" concept and has a continuous deployment pipeline that enables frequent and rapid deployment. The QA process is highly automated. Build Phase As soon as a developer has committed new code, the build server starts building the artifacts and runs the Unit Tests.  If no error occurs, the newly created version is provided to a "Test Runner" and three test environments. Automated Test Phase The automated tests consist of three different types: GUI Tests The GUI tests are based on Selenium and executed with a Google Chrome and a Firefox browser. Since the Lomnido user interface (UI) is mainly intended for administrators, we focus on this two browsers. There are currently 121 GUI test cases available. All tests together cover the entire graphical user interface. Each test case is recorded and enables errors to be found very quickly. Here is an example of an recorded GUI test case: API & Workflow Tests The main component of Lomnido is the workflow engine. With many workflow tests, we ensure that all types of connectors and workflow options are tested and that new functions are fully backwards compatible. As soon as a new feature is implemented, the [...]

Use Case Receive SOAP Messages

Of course Lomnido can receive SOAP messages. The only thing you need is a Workflow with an "Wait for HTTP" Inbound Connector and a Inbound Processor that expects XML. Optional you can define a Dataformat to deliver a more detailed WSDL definition. In this video you can see how such a SOAP workflow can be configured and be tested with an external tool like SOAP UI. It takes only 2 minutes to configure and test the Workflow!

Use Case CSV to HTTP

This example shows the basic structure of a Lomnido workflow to get an idea how things are done. In this example we upload a CSV file to the Lomnido Spider appliance. The workflow takes the csv, splits up the csv file into single records and sends out the records to a HTTP server. The data attribute mapping is done with a Drag & Drop interface. You do not need a single line of code. If you want to know more about the Lomnido SPIDER - just get in touch and order a free webinar. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject Your Message


Lomnido’s Myth Busters in action: See how we demystify provider2customer integrations at Bmpk20.

Webinar 28th February 2020 Lomnido SIAM Broker

In our webinar about the Lomnido SIAM Broker you will see a live demo of the product with the following content:

Look & Feel of the Application
First steps build a synchronization with ticketing tool
Possibilities for Alerting

Lomnido Spider – the enhancement for SIAM Broker

In the world of SIAM you need not only to synchronize your processes, you need also to replicate or synchronize at least parts of your configuration management databases with your helpdesk tool and your provider organizations too.

Application Integration - Automate Business Processes

How to start integration projects

Are you a company that acts as a service provider or has a lot to do with service providers or somehow acts as a service integrator? Having interfaces for (IT) services of all kinds? Yes, in this case you should read on here.

SIAM Tooling – The Place of Lomnido SIAM Broker

The tooling sector for service integrators provides them plenty of tools for helpdesk systems, asset, CMDB or contract management.

But there is one blindspot that can be filled with Lomnido SIAM Broker!