Jan 24

Lomnido Spider – the enhancement for SIAM Broker

Shared Asset Management

In the world of SIAM you need not only to synchronize your processes, you need also to replicate or synchronize at least parts of your configuration management databases with your helpdesk tool and your provider organizations too.

If you need to handover a ticket to your provider, you have to identify an affected asset or contact persons with an identifier that is mapped between the customer and the provider.
Therefore you need all your users from your master employee database connected to your helpdesk tool to identify an incoming helpdesk call.
To identify all the assets a calling user has, the helpdesk tool needs to be connected to your configuration management database to.
And last but no least, you need to share CMDB items with your provider that is responsible for handling this kind of items.

This is where the Lomnido Spider comes in

The Lomnido Spider is specialized to connect to different data sources and targets with a lot of different protocols and logical rules and synchronize the items.
Also monitoring the synchronization and find errors in the synchronizatio prozess very early before your service is interrupted is part of Lomnido Spider.

Imagine your printer provider provides you the CMDB items on a daily basis as an full load CSV file in ISO-8859-15 on an SFTP share. The deleted items are just gone – they are not marked as deleted.
Your network provider provides you the CMDB with an pull HTTP SOAP api.
And your helpdesktool takes CMDB changes with a HTTP REST webservice and needs also to identify deleted items with a flag.

The Lomnido Spider can connect to any of the sources and targets and synchronize them to your tools.

Integrated Alerting Mechanism

The Lomnido Spider has an integrated alerting mechanism that can be configured in a lot of ways. For example if the daily CSV file does not arrive or is not readable or is significantly smaller than the other ones the days before it can raise an alert to your SIAM operations team.

Or what if the receiving REST service returns unexpected errors? Let Lomnido Spider inform the operations team.

Single Point of Integration

The main advantage of having a central Lomnido Spider in place instead of a lot of small synchronize jobs is having a clear overview of what synchronizations are running and if everything is up to date and see troubles in one place instead of monitoring a lot of different individual synchronization jobs.

It’s the perfect enhancement for the Lomnido SIAM Broker for managing the technical part of your shared asset management.