Jan 25

Five Reasons To Use Lomnido SIAM Broker

Do you have already a ticket bridge to your providers or customers?
Or do you plan so?

Here is why you should use Lomnido SIAM Broker!

1) Specialized on SIAM/ITIL Processes

Lomnido is not only an API integration tool. It is a layer of normalization for SIAM/ITIL processes.

Lomnido is a SIAM/ITIL native speaker!

Connecting APIs and field mapping is important but not the real challenge! Understand and support processes is the challenge!

2) Lomnido is an All-In-One Appliance

The Lomnido SIAM Broker is an All-In-One Appliance

Order today – Start tomorrow! No matter whether Cloud or On-Premise.

3) Reduce Implementation Costs with the Lomnido Tool Simulator

For connecting new partner tools you do not need all specialists on one table anymore. The Lomnido Simulator can simulate any partner! Therefore Lomnido is using the “1, 2, 3 Connect IT” method to speed up the process synchronization process.

4) Using Lomnido SIAM Broker reduces upgrade costs

Connecting all your partner systems with an N-M approach, will cost you a lot of time and money. Using Lomnido SIAM Broker as a middleware between, decreases the time and costs for testing changes in your API.

5) Lomnido is a Low-Code Platform

Integrate your APIs without much programming skills. Visual designers and drag & drop support your integration work.


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