May 06

Excel To HTTP

Lomnido supports emails and parsing Excel files. A short video shows how this works.

The complete workflow is set up in a minute and needs no scripting knowledge. Everything is configured with just a few clicks.

The steps are executed:

  1. Create a new Workflow
  2. Attach an Inbound Email Connector
  3. Configure the Inbound Email Connector
  4. Configure the Inbound Processor
  5. Attach an HTTP Push Connector
  6. Configure the HTTP Push Connector
  7. Deploy the Workflow

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1) This is the Email Inbound Connector

Here we configure the email address to receive the emails and the filepattern for the attachment that should be processed.

2) This is the Inbound Processor

Here we configure that we expect an Excel file as payload.

3) This is the Outbound Processor

Here we configure to split up the records from the Inbound Process into individual messages.

And we configure to handover the payload in JSON to the Outbound Connector.

4) This is the Outbound HTTP Push Connector

Here we configure everything related to the HTTP protocol.

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