Full Flexible Delivery

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Lomnido Delivery Models

Lomnido solutions are available in the delivery models best suited for your needs.You can choose which one suits you best. Each model is equally supported and you an easily switch if needed.


Full Flexibilty

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Private Cloud – hosted by Lomnido

You get your own single tenant Lomnido Platform as a Service. Each platform is almost completely independent and shares only our bare metal and data center resources!

Each Lomnido Private Cloud Instance runs on its own full GNU/Linux stack, hosting all data and programs isolated from other instances. Each instance gets its own dedicated public IPv4 and you decide how it will be accessible from the outside world!

Our Private Cloud Instances do run only on our own hardware! We do not rent any computational nor storage resources. Both actively handled data and data at rest are under our control.

Our Private Cloud instances are hosted in 2 geo-redundant data centers in 2 different EU member states and we do not store any active or backup data outside of EU.

You keep control over your network even by using a Lomnido Private Cloud Instance. You can choose who and how will access your platform. You can choose to leave it public, or you can choose to hide it in an isolated network zone accessible only via an IP Sec tunnel.

We keep your platform highly available and up-to-date. Our 24/7 NOC will handle all incidents with the much needed urgency and care, while you may sit back and relax knowing that everything will be taken care of.

On-Premises Cluster

Do you need to handle tons of data from the deepest pits of your data centers and no network outage may interrupt your workflows? An Lomnido Hardware Cluster is the right choice for you! We deliver 2 preconfigured nodes hosting your much anticipated Lomnido Platform in an Active/Passive manner. If one of the nodes fails, the other one takes its place and a replacement box will be delivered to you shortly to maintain service continuity. You on the other hand will be responsible for the data center resources as continuous power, redundant network and cooling.

Is a simple 2 node active/passive cluster not safe enough? Add another node! Do you operate your own geo-redundant data centers? No problem, you can split the Lomnido Cluster into separate locations.

Virtual Appliance

Do you have your own best of the best data center and virtualization system already in place? You do not have to taint your precious data center and install a foreign element, you can host your own Lomnido Platform!

We are hypervisor agnostic! OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, ProxmoxVE or VMware? We do not care! We will deliver 2 RAW disk images resembling bare metal disks, one bootable with our GNU/Linux stack and one as data storage.

No More Service Headaches

In our fast-moving world, complexity and integration issues are delaying business and increase costs that lead to pains. Build and configure simple to sophisticated integrations with exceptional speed and simplicity.