Reduce Data Complexity

As your business grows and your IT landscape gets more complex, data integration becomes a priority. It is becoming extremely important to be able to integrate, restructure and organize information from disparate often incompatible sources, because customers, employees, partners and vendors rely on your data being available at any time. Fast growing data volumes and diverse data sources make data integration increasingly difficult.

Integration Made Simple
Active Monitoring

Increase the Value of Data

With Lomnido companies are able to bring disparate datasets together to increase the value of the information and make sure data is clean, complete, correct, and up-to-date. The data obtained by data conversion, data mapping or data manipulation are transferred directly into a desired target system. As a central data integration hub, Lomnido connects heterogeneous data sources to transfer data between ERP and CMS systems, databases, web platforms, customers and suppliers – all without programming knowledge and with automatic documentation of all processes.

Smarter Business Decisions

Data integration speeds up business operations and improves operational efficiency by eliminating data redundancies and errors. Thus, data quality is improved as well as decision-making and forecasting. Data is enriched, synchronized, and transferred in real time resulting in agility and time advantage against the competition.

Implementation Services


Central hub for data integration and synchronization

Align and improve data across all your applications and multiple sources

Data manipulation without programming

Improved data quality based on customizable rules

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